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Tony Lee Hamilton

by Tony Lee Hamilton

by Tony Lee Hamilton

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Tony Lee Hamilton

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        As soon as you register for Free here you will receive 100 website view credits and 500 Banner/Text ad view credits.
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                  You will also be able to earn in the following ways as a Free Member:
                        * 10% of the amount that your referral pays to upgrade and/or make purchases.
                              * Earn cash and credits when you place a banner on your website = For impressions and also for clicks
                                    * (No cheating by clicking on banners or having someone else in your household do it)
                                          * (IP addresses are tracked (1 account per IP address allowed) to not allow cheating!)
                                                * Add up to 5 of your own websites and/or referral links
                                                      * Add unlimited Banners that will show randomly as long as you have banner credits.
                                                            * The ability to convert website credits to banner credits.
                                                                  *In order to qualify for the above, the new Free member must surf a minimum of 100 websites.
                                                                      Thank you Friends for taking the time to read this post and also for viewing the information in the blue menu block to the right,

Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted Payment Methods
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